Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Melissa's Turn

I am not sure what went on with Jordan manning the blog yesterday as I was out of it! And he was bored and getting a little punchy! So,... Do I need to apologize at all?

The surgery was very routine... It took about 90min. Initially, it was quite painful when I woke up but the drugs provided instant relief... Gotta love them... But I haven't needed more than Advil today....

I slept while eating my soup last nite at home and then slept for another 10 hrs. Woke up, had some more soup and Popsicles and went back to sleep with Lacy Nightengale by my side (see photo). In fact, I think I'll have another nap after this blog entry....

I had a crazy dream last nite that Jordan had an addition put on our house to surprise me... It was for some extra office space... I told him, "Great, but it needs better doors and then this will give us more room for guests at Pesach!" So, you can tell I'm well on my road to returning back to my old self....

Jordan has been terrific. Right by my side (nudging Lacy to get there) the whole way, making sure I eat, fielding calls and ensuring I don't fall when stumbling around the house...

Amanda came to visit me in the hospital which was a big step for her knowing how much she hates them! She supplied me with 4 kinds of soup at home as well as frozen yogurt from Menchies yum! Jonah has been in constant contact with us and has an exam today! He has continued to keep me laughing and my spirits high! Even from afar I feel his presence...

And then there is my treasured community of family and friends...

With such an outpouring of support from you, I am truly blessed, grateful and humbled by it.... So, please know how much each of you mean to me and,,,,,

Thank you!

xoxo Melissa/Missy


  1. kim hollefriend16 March 2011 at 13:42

    Melissa, so grateful that your surgery went well, and your recovery is right on track. It looks like your puppy is doing a great job protecting you!

    Miss you, and pray for you often.

    PS enjoyed the latte you 'treated' us to yesterday!!!

  2. Shery and Howard Rosenstein16 March 2011 at 19:41

    We are so happy all went well yesterday, as we followed Jordan's entertaining and informative posts. Glad to hear you are home resting, and resting some more. We are thinking of you and sending you sooooo much love!!!

    Shery and Howard