Monday, 14 March 2011

Original Lottery Email for Those Who Asked

To my treasured family and friends,

A few weeks ago, I felt that I had won a lottery. The 1 in 8 chance. As it turns out, a routine mammogram that I completed in January detected a small cancerous growth. If left undetected, this certainly would present as a potentially serious problem. However, it was caught in its infancy state and so the doctors told me, "it's not treatable... it's curable". That's the piece about actually winning the lottery.

As you may or may not know, I have a long and inglorious family history of breast cancer. Many of my family members did not have the technology I've been fortunate enough to benefit from. With this in mind, I am moving forward and brimming with optimism... and maybe, I will spend some time to get past a few long work hours and sniff some roses!

In the meantime, please do not worry about me. This coming Tuesday, March 15, I will have a lumpectomy. After that, the tumour will be genotyped (I wonder if there is an "APP" for that on my iPhone). The genotyping will help direct the course of follow up treatment (i.e. radiation and probably several months of chemo). Things are really cool now in science and meds now can be targeted to specific cancer receptor sites.

The bottom line is I consider myself lucky. If there is one lesson to be learned (and I urge you to heed my advice for yourselves and/or pass this on to other loved ones) is, please make sure that your/her breasts are routinely checked. Don't be afraid of the "C" word any more.....

I love you all and am going to get through this with flying colours.

From the bottom of my heart,


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  1. Dear Melissa,
    We were shocked to hear the news, but we are happy that this was caught early and will be cured. Our whole family sends you our love and our wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
    Might I ask for your Hebrew name and your mother's Hebrew name? I would like to include you in my daily davening.
    Steve Starr
    With love from Iris, Mike, Joey, Bella, and Sammy.

  2. Dear Melissa
    WE are so proud of you, and happy that the surgery is over and you are recovering so well.
    WE are sure with the help and company of your wonderful family you will be up and around very very soon.
    WE love you
    Mary and Juan Knapp